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Research Study Team for Intractable Disease (Study on diagnostic criteria, revision of disease severity classification and formulation of guidelines for diagnosis and treatment for none cancerous Castleman`s Disease showing chronic inflammatory lymph node, bone marrow abnormality, TAFRO syndrome, and its related diseases) of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan have opened up an official website.

Through this website we will share information and resources regarding Castleman`s Disease and TAFRO syndrome, and at times will be requesting survey to doctors. This will also be a place where we answer questions and respond to any comments that doctors might have. We hope that this website will become a bridge for communication between us and medical professionals.

In 2017, we were able to have Idiopathic Multicentric Castleman Disease (iMCD) registered as an intractable disease, and were the first step of many for us to raise awareness about this disease. Using this website, we’d like to further connect with doctors.

The accurate number of patients for both Castleman’s Disease and TAFRO syndrome are still unknown. But a country-wide medical system, medical reference guide, and disease severity classification will be provided through here. Any other new and useful information regarding pathogens, clinical conditions and treatment will also be shared with doctors as well.

With guidance from medical professionals, we will conduct further research, and we promise further advancement to meet the needs of our researchers and doctors. 


CD・TAFRO・Other related disease Investigation Group (Abbreviated) Principal Investigator  Kazuyuki Yoshizaki MD, PhD

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